Mexican lamps – 10 ways to add decoration to your lights

Mexican lamps are currently ruling the market due to their stylistic features and designs. They are specially produced to bring lights and at the same time for decorative purposes.

There are a variety of Mexican lamps which include:

The Majestic Mexican Lamp

This Mexican lamp is hanged on the ceiling and emits rays which clearly resemble the sun rays in high relief. It has a switch on the cord and is designed with colorful hand painted sculpture to add to its decorational value.

The Mexican Desert Cactus

This Mexican lamp is designed to imitate a desert cactus. It has a shape of a cactus which is depicted by its name. It can be fixed to the wall or fixed to a table top.

mexican lamps photo - 1

Mexican Margaritas Lamp

It is a Mexican hanging lamp which is hand-crafted, produces light through the cylindrical around it. it is designed with florid openwork affixed with colorful glass marbles.

mexican lamps photo - 2

The Mexican Water Jar Lamp

The lamp is designed to look like a traditional Mexican water jar. It is the best wall sconce which can be hanged or fixed to the wall. it is the best for any type of use.

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