TOP 10 Led lamps for nails

There are such a large number of led lamps for nails online to choose that it is totally difficult. Here are a few points to consider while picking the best led lamp for nails.

Cure Time

LED cures more rapidly than UV. Led lamps for nails treatments can take under 2 minutes of curing when contrasted with the UV nail trims that take 5+ minutes.

In case you’re tired of waiting then LED is the lamp for you.


Be keen for size since a few lamps just fit 4 fingers so you need to cure your thumb independently which is a pain & quite recently cumbersome unless you are a flexibility expert.

The best Led lamps for nails let you cure both hands simultaneously & both feet simultaneously.


1 year warrant is by all accounts standard in the event that you purchase the lamp new and direct from the producer. Some are 90 days. Not all brands offer this support. It is pleasant to have it in case you are in the little percent of individuals who have issues with the lamp being broken.

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