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The lava lamp bong is made an exquisite present, particularly for girlfriends. In this article, I’ll talk about what’s so great about the lamp and why you should contemplate getting one for yourself or your important other.

The quality of Light

One of the primary difficulties with most lighting is that the light is very harsh. The use of a light bulb creates a single source of light that is harsh to look at. This has the result that there will be spots that will be uncomfortable to look at in your home. Lava lamp bong, on the other hand, provides an extremely diffuse light, that is neither harsh to look at nor does it create any glare.

The coloration of Gentle

The sunshine of a lava lamp is totally versatile, as it is available in a big selection of colors. This is fantastic for providing accents in somebody’s condo or creating a mode of light that most accurately fits the person.

If your girlfriend enjoys a brilliant, daylight high quality, blue light can enhance this feeling. Then again, if you would like hotter, extra romantic tones, then go together with something red. No matter you do, although, don’t use green. It makes everybody look sickly.


One of the facets of the sunshine that now we have misplaced within the modern world is motion. Moving light mesmerizes us, and offers an entire room character. This is why we spend a lot of time watching campfires. The movement of a lava lamp, coupled with stronger overhead lighting, provides a more natural sense of movement to the sunshine within the room, imitating the natural mild subtle by tree branches or from the fire.

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As a romantic gift, a lava lamp bong is especially strong. When used on their own, they provide the same romantic lighting provided by candles, but brighter and without the fire hazards. A reddish lamp will bring out skin tones, while the motion will accentual shadows.

#1 Stylish Lava Lamps

This is one of the most popular models of lava lamps. It is stylish and attractive. You can easily use bong that comes with an ice twist. This allows you stacking some ice cubes on it. You can choose the color in accordance with your preferences. Possessing such nice model will undoubtedly be a benefit.

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 #2 Nice Lava Lamps

Consider these beautiful lamps. You can pick up anyone that is most appealing to you. Each model has a clean design done with minute precision. The smoking experience using such bong cannot be matched with anything else. The size will satisfy you and you will be able to carry it with you wherever you wish.


#3 Elegant Lava Lamp

In the occasion, you wish to look really elegant you should acquire this lava lamp. It has an extended diffuser attached to a spherical double eyed bowl. This allows accumulating a huge quantity of smoke that brings you more pleasure from this process. You can easily take it with you due to a small size.


#4 Vivid Lava Lamp

This model of lava lamps is designed for people who wish to get busy. There are different colors, which will surely suit your needs. Having such a lamp will make you happy. In addition, you can place it in any corner of your house. It will perfectly fit in any interior. Undoubtedly, this is a huge advantage.

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#5 Vodka Lava Lamp

Designed by a famous company Holland, this lava lamp will perfectly suit all of your requirements. It is vivid, bright and attractive. Seeing you with such a lamp, people will take a notice of you. Additionally, you can use it as an element of décor because it is stylish and colorful. You should get one.


#6 Colorful Lava Lamps

These nice lava lamps are made with quality, stability and percolation in mind. The lamps are so vivid! You can easily add ice and herbs into the base of the lamps and smoke. There will be huge amounts of smoke so that it could satisfy you at full. You can get two similar lamps to share with some of your friends.


#7 Toy Lava Lamps

What about this interesting and colorful variation of lava lamps? They are designed in different shapes and feature various characters. You have an amazing selection of out Santa Claus or Snowman, Joker or Alien, and other characters. Just pick up any of them and make your smoking more pleasurable.


#8 Contemporary Lava Lamp

This very variant is of the most sought-after lava lamp models. It has a contemporary appearance and is pretty comfortable. Thanks to a small size, one can easily take it wherever is necessary. Into the bargain, it is very stylish and can perfectly suit any interior. You can freely place it anywhere at home.


#9 Catchy Lava Lamp

This marvelous lava lamp is worth your time and attention. Just look at its perfect stylish design. It will not leave indifferent even those who put no interest in lava lamps. It has a very bright red color. Its design is elegant and plushy. It may even become an essential part of your interior in your room.

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#10 Amazing Vodka Lamp

This is an incredible variation of lava lamps. Vodka lava lamps are utterly popular nowadays and many people own them. Both variations of these lamps are stylish and beautiful. They will add some status to your appearance. In addition, you can freely take them with you because their size is not large.



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