Hobby lobby lamps – 10 light options for your home

#1 Natural Style Lamp Collection

Picking up a decent table or bedside lamp can turn into a real trouble. The problem is not in selecting a lamp as all of them might come to your liking, but in choosing that single one that is the hardest thing to do. All the lamps on the picture below are made of fine porcelain and completed with a natural cotton shade. The only thing you have to do is stretch out your hand and listen to your heart as it knows best which lamp to select.

#2 Fine Vintage Wood Work

Handmade items have been most cherished for their uniqueness among people during all the history. This lamp is just one of such things. It is made of fine tree and each detail was ornamentally crafted by the hands of a real artisan. The swift lines and a paper shade make an image of the lamp very attractive for most popular designs.

#3 Two Options to Pick

These are two luxurious light options for both women and men. The feminine version is richly ornamented with white flowers and a bronze leg. The male version is designed in a more reserved style as simplicity is the key idea in this model of the lamp. The first model is good for makeup, while the second lamp is effective for reading. Both variants will make a fine set for a couple in love.

#4 Bronze Royal Pattern Lamps

If you are passionate about classic style, these models of lamps will score a goal! They are made of fine glossy nickel alloy with an unusual shape solution. They would serve well as bedside lamps or as a desktop lamp. An overall impression of the item is rather positive as it reminds of old Victorian style chandeliers which are now working on electricity.

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#5 Hand Carved Wood Lamp

Some people adore hand crafting and this lamp is a fine example of the best craftsmanship of a wood master. All the details of this lamp were carved by a creative artist and each detail bears a part of the master’s soul. The item is performed of an old oak and is covered with a special finish increasing the possible time of exploitation. The shade is covered with soft linen that was also handmade.

#6 Sea Inspired Frosted Glass Lamp

This is an attractive classic style lamp that was inspired by a marine thematic. It is made of fine ceramics with anchors elaborately carved of a marvellous white stone. This lamp would be a good addition to your interior. The frosted white glass perfectly diffuses a white light of the lamp granting some extra brightness. The bulb that should be used in the lamp is not more than 60W.

hobby lobby lamp photo - 1

#7 Beacon Style Lamp

A table lamp performed in a fancy beacon style will become a harmonic completion to the overall interior of your dwelling. By looking at this amazing building you will definitely remember the time near the ocean and a fresh breeze that massages the skin. With such a lamp any premise will become filled with sun energy of light. This designer solution will satisfy your needs for something beautiful.

hobby lobby lamp photo - 3

#8 Metal Framed Shade

This art deco lamp introduces a fine bronze framework and an unusual solution for a shade – a gorgeous looking swivel glass globe. The lamp looks very simple and yet it has some special elegance about it. The angle of the piece of light can be adjusted for the most appropriate way that is required. Just plug it into the socket and enjoy a simply marvellous light.

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hobby lobby lamp photo - 4

#9 Vintage Lamp in a Pot

You can grow not only flowers in the pot! This knitted pink pot has got a brand new stylish flower – a glowing light flower. The fine fabrics of the pot and the top quality glass make this item an attractive designer solution for both vintage and antique styles. The linen can be taken off and washed separately, so if you manage to put some stains on this lamp, they can be easily removed by a simple washing machine cleaning.

hobby lobby lamp photo - 9

#10 Texas Style Lamps

This lamp would be your light in the vast dessert of night. Remember the western movies where such skulls were located in the sand dunes as reminders of danger. This would be a fine additional lighting for comfortable reading wherever it would be placed. All the item is covered with a fine finish of a transparent colour that protects the lamp of corrosion and pertains the natural gloss.

hobby lobby lamp photo - 10

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