10 Lava lamp facts you probably didn’t know

Do you know lava lamps? If don’t know here are facts about lava lamps that you can get interesting.

The lava lamp fact of history

Lava lamps don’t have a long history. They were initially founded by Englishman Edward Craven Walker in 1960, and later brought out in 1965. . They are presently available in various styles, shapes and hues.

They were very costly at first but now you can purchase a decent lava light for $20 to $25.

Another lava lamp facts is that they requires maximum care

Maximum care is something that ought to be remembered when dealing with lava lamps. At the point when the light is in operation it ought not to be shaken, as even a slight shake can consolidate the wax with the water and the blobs will get to be distinctly indistinct.

Any powerful shake can leave strains of wax at the dividers of the straightforward glass bottle that are difficult to clean.

Final note

The above two lava lamp facts is only a preview, there are so many other facts about this amazing items.

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