TOP 10 Headboard lamps 2023

Do you ever wonder having a lamp over your bed? Or you feel having a lamp, especially for your reading purpose while you are lying on the bed?


The solution is headboard lamps. Available in various sizes and shapes, these easy to use and small laps can be fixed upon the headboard of your bed. Thus, you can have a unique yet useful lighting experience in your bedroom.

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Headboard lamps are generally fixed on the wooden headboard of the bed. You can find these lamps in various sizes and shapes. According to your usage, you can also select the power of the bulb. One way or two-way switch can be attached to this lamp, however, basically, one-way switches are used.


Depending on your choice, you can also add some warmth to your bedroom by adding some colours in the lamps. Mild blue light is very good for sleep. So, you can use it for both the purposes. Choose the design as per the style of your bed and visualise the attraction of your room.

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