Secrets of Ballerina lamp

Looking for a perfect ballerina lamp products? Then micro-algae lamp is the one to go for. It operates entirely without using electricity.

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It is power-driven by a tube packed with germinating sea green algae. This lamp makes use of the energy produced during the process of photosynthesis that is carried out by algae to produce the light within. In the process, algae itself emits carbon iv oxide in the air.

This lamp has been modified in away that it can store the energy generated from photosynthesis for future use. Therefore, when it is carried to a low light regions, it can light without using any external source of power. One single lamp can absorb one ton of carbon from the air in.

If everyone was to use these lamps, then this will help fight air pollution and global climatic changes to a greater percentage. It is an Eco-friendly lamp.

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In conclusion, this is the best ballerina lamp that we recommend for you.

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