Make your house look like a home – 15 cozy Princess house crystal lamps

We have come to a time where lighting your house must be accompanied by fashionable lighting system, that make your house look like a home. When it comes to choosing its best for you all as a family participate in order to have what you all love to see when you are at you home. Fashion has become wide and it has also evolve in the household sector.

Live anywhere and still have the same light in your room

If you ask me, I think it’s the best thing ever, because now you don’t have to live near the beaches so you can see the sunset and sunrise rays light up your you house with beautiful orange color.

You can now live anywhere and still have the same light in your room and you can get this by going online or at a lighting warehouse or shop and choose among many different lighting system. If you want something that will bring out beauty and romance inside your house I would prefer you go for princess house crystal lamps.

Change your mood with light

The light is soft, that by lighting it in your home, the mood changes instantly. Princess house crystal lamp a have a variety of design. And each design is as amazing as the other no doubt about that. If you want to surprise your spouse and make the night amazing with a romantic mood then this is the best choice for you.

Also if you want to turn your room or the whole house to the time when electricity wasn’t yet invented then this is the choice you have been looking for.


Every night of me and my wife’s anniversary, we always prefer using princess house crystal lamp, and turn the other lights off or dim because that’s the only lighting system that can bring the romantic feeling. Princess house crystal lamp are so beautiful mostly in a room with less light cuddle all night as you enjoy the beautiful light rays.

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#1 Attractive Glass Made Lamp

This model is a “hello” from the 1970s. It is breathing with a strong vintage breath that is emanating from all the elements of the lamp. The lamp is compose of a solid stainless steel base of a golden colour that is accompanied with three glass tubes which add some extra unusual look. The shade is performed in a soft pink fabric that adds some extra warmth to your dwelling.

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#2 A Beautiful Lamp of Crystal

The lamps that are performed of thick glass have got some extra noble look that attracts the attention of everybody around. There are many variations of glass lamps in the market and this vintage princess house crystal lamp is one of the most beautiful options that is very sweet and nice. Just take a look at the natural ornament that was masterfully carved by the hands of a real glass master.



#3 Metal Inside Glass

The technology of melting glass is considered one of the most difficult to master skills. The real masters are able to craft amazing masterpieces with awesome pictures on the surface of the glass. This lamp is one of such things. The metal construction of the lamp is placed inside the glass while it is still flexible to obtain an outstanding result. This pretty lamp can become a diamond of your home collection.



#4 Miniature Bedside Lamp

Here you can see a mini lamp that was made of cast glass with an exquisite design. It can boast with an awesome floral style engraving that is very gentle to touch. The miniature size makes it so pretty for home décor that it is hard to resist buying it. If you have already seen hundreds of lamps for a bed, look at this model and it will surely win your heart.


#5 Twin Set

The lamps that are made of glass look especially attractive. The lamps seem to radiate with glamour when the light is turned on. This pair of cuties resembles two little suns that will grant you comfort and coziness regardless of the season. If you are looking through various options to install in your bedroom, you should check this vintage style royal set of lamps.

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#6 Glass Cylinder Lamp

If you are a fan of retro art, you definitely need to look carefully at this model that was rather popular back in the 60s. It has got a full glass body that is introduced with a transparent cylinder in slightly rusty colours. Through the whole body you can see a metal axis that is hollow inside and contains the cord which is connected to the lamp. The shade is made of textile to contrast the glass shell of the stem.


#7 Princess Lamps

Crystal lamps often look best when placed in pairs. This creates an attractive symmetry and unique air of luxury. The lamps that were introduced here are made of pure glass, excluding metal elements. On the top of these lamps you can find a dimmer mechanism so that you were able to control the brightness of the light for a greater comfort.


#8 Classical Glass Lamp

The people, who have got preference to classic style items, will really like this option for their interiors. It is a reserved miniature model that is not deprived of a peculiar charm. An overall natural design of the shade is really beautiful. At a closer look one can notice the level of skilfulness of the master who managed to cope with such tiny details.


#9 Large Glass Lamp

To contrast the cute miniature crystal lamps, we decided to show this model as if to prove that size doesn’t really matter when it comes to organizing comfort in your dwelling. This large lamp that is performed of a glass leg will appear quite unusual in the premise, especially with a creamy coloured shade. It will become a nice addition to your room’s coziness.


#10 Fashionable Light

Various items influence the comfort in the house. It can be the elements of furniture, colour of the walls with paintings on them and, of course, the light. If everything is properly selected, the resulting place will become your sanctuary of piece and rest. Such lamp will surely add some comfort to your room due the simplicity of the design.

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#11 Little Cosy lamp

All little things have got some special air that contributes to the establishment of comfort. This model looks like a cute little flower that attracts the eye of the watchers immediately with the help of a unique design. The glass core of the item does its business – enhances the light and adds some unusual fabulous look.


#12 Light in the Window

When it is cold outside and the wind is blowing fearsomely with heavy rain that strings the window, this mini lamp will become your little sun that will grant you comfort and coziness. The item is elaborately created out of glass and that fact makes it even more special and unique. Such lamps look like messengers from another world that arrived to grant you some light.


#13 Elegant Table Lamp

There are plenty of elegant and sweet models and this one is one of the brightest representatives. It is made of glass and is richly decorate with carving of flowers and wines. The lamp is, in fact, rather tiny, but this peculiar size adds some charm about it. This causes nothing but adoration. It works with a standard lamp of 45W the brightness of which can be regulated with a dimmer.


#14 Fancy Tree

This glass lamp looks like some magical tree that was transported from some magical universe to the world of humans. It is represented with gold tainted tips and a fully transparent quartz body. This model looks mysteriously enough when the light is out, but when you turn it on, the light will run along the surface of the details and sparkle with an unbelievable glamour.


#15 Crystal Palm Tree

This cute miniature chandelier lamp is a real masterpiece of lamp making art. Can you even imagine how much time did it take to organize all the crystals to result in such an amazing design? This is a truly amazing stuff! The metal skeleton that holds the glass beads looks even more surreal making the item an awesome acquisition for modern style rooms.


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