Green glass desk lamp – 10 secret ingredients to having an elegant living space

Having a green glass desk lamp in your space does portray a different picture in regard to the ambience of the home. With a particular theme in the house, the lamps fit in exactly to plan provided they are congruent to the color of your layout.

Scream out perfection

A green glass desk lamp would scream out perfection if matched with a green themed space. That sort of design is for the kind of individual who never likes to get anything wrong in terms of integrating color.

Having an antique desk lamp displays a whole different feel. Antique living spaces are marveling to the eye and the golden touch of having a lamp that illuminates the view noticeably is something to wow anyone.

Enjoy the glass shades

Additionally, the lover of glass made items can enjoy the glass shades that can be reflective or passive of light. One can opt for a customized glass shade of his/her choice to give it a more subtle and authentic touch with green glass desk lamps.

green glass desk lamp photo - 1
green glass desk lamp photo - 6
green glass desk lamp photo - 7
green glass desk lamp photo - 8
green glass desk lamp photo - 10

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