10 benefits of Flame lamps

Flame lamps have been very popular since the old days, in decorating the room. They are suspended from the ceiling with the help of a hook attached to the base of the lamp.

This helps the lamp to remain suspended from the ceiling facing downwards and thus being able to light up the room and unfold the décor. They can be illuminated with oil wicks, gas, candles or electrical devices.


Flame lamps do not take up room space and yet deliver the desired elegance to the room. They come in different shapes and sizes, made of different materials. Different patterns are used to beautify the lamp and make provisions for placing lighting devices, to conceal them.

The different categories of the lamps include chandeliers and dinner and ceiling hanging lamps. On the basis of the designs and patterns, they can be used in different rooms. A gorgeous chandelier is apt to adorn the living room or the drawing room, whereas comparatively simpler dinner lamps are best suited for the dining rooms.


The lighting devices fitted can also vary, depending on the lamp structure. There are several bright fixtures used in chandeliers and soft mellow single lights in dinner lamps. Single flames are placed in the center of the lamp, imparting an extremely ethnic and elegant look.

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