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If you are a traveler and use flashlight, then you would have surely thought of having some way to keep your hands free and still have some source of light energy.

Or if two hands can be better than one hand then why waste one hand holding that flashlight when it can be utilized at better things.


Well, Energizer head lamps are to your rescue.They are reasonably priced for the list of features they offer. Energizer Head Lamp is durable and lightweight offering bright light and some of these also have Night vision feature that is beneficial for your eyes’ protection.

It is a versatile lighting product designed mainly for those tasks that need the use of two hands like night outdoor hiking, working in dark areas, looking under your car etc. This lamp uses your head leaving your hands free for doing other things.

It can be tied comfortably and securely to your head or you can wear it around your neck too.


Energizer head lamp is that it is very much water resistant. It can easily be used in rains without any damage and it will last for years to come. The batteries can last for up to few weeks even after hard usage.

It has multiple settings for brightness that can be used to control the amount of light and energy one needs as per their environment or surroundings in which they are using this head lamp.

It is also impact or drop resistant which along with the water resistant feature makes it a great device for both outdoor and indoor activities.

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There can be 3 types of energizer head lamp available in these head lamps as per the model one chooses – White Spot light, white flood light and red night vision mode.

These head lamps use digital light focus and powerful beam up to 4 times brighter than any standard LED.In short, Energize Head Lamps are a life saving equipment in your travel experiences or other activities and jobs that require the use of both your hands.

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