Stacked ball floor lamp – matter of immense pleasure

Being an owner of a beautifully furnished home is a matter of immense pleasure. For this, one needs to take care of certain things while selecting appropriate accessories for home decoration purposes.

For instance, choosing a right stacked ball floor lamp that perfectly matches with the surroundings is of utmost importance as it not only magnifies the beauty of the room but also provides a royal look to the home.

Totally popularity

Stacked ball floor lamps have recently regained their popularity in the market due to their unique style and superb color combinations. As the name indicates, a stacked ball floor lamp’s pole appears as if its stand is made up of a number of balls stacked one over the other.

These lamps are available in two basic royal colors, black and white. In order to expand the variety, different designs are also available even in a single color.

Further extension

A stacked glass ball floor lamp is further extension to its previous version. The stands of these lamps are made up of glass balls. This model certainly proved to be a milestone in increasing the demand of these lamps.

With their simply stunning look and affordable prices, these lamps are rapidly gaining their positions in many homes.

stacked ball floor lamp photo - 1
stacked ball floor lamp photo - 2
stacked ball floor lamp photo - 4
stacked ball floor lamp photo - 5
stacked ball floor lamp photo - 6
stacked ball floor lamp photo - 9
stacked ball floor lamp photo - 10

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