10 things you need to know about the unique Edison light bulbs

Edison bulb lamps are beauty and aesthetic sense are essential in designing your home, but beauty is a relative thing that differs from one person to another.


Some people would prefer the modern simplistic designs that we find in most of the houses, while other people are fond of everything old and classic because of the great sophistication and beautiful complexity.

Edison light bulbs are one of the things that attract the attention of the people who love everything classic. The first appearance of the Edison light bulb was in the year 1882, and designers have been reproducing and modifying it ever since.

What it is made of

The light bulb is mainly made of Carbon filaments that are surrounded with glass and have a wooden base. The best thing about these light bulbs is that they could have a wide variety of designs whether in the lamp itself or the surrounding glass.

You can find a glass in a circular shape, egg shape, cone shape and many other designs that are unique and beautiful. Edison bulb lamps are a great choice for you, although they may consume more power than the more modern lamps, but you will enjoy the aesthetic touch that it will add to your house.

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