Coke lamp Will Add Taste To Your Decor Due To Their Uniqueness and Simplicity

Over time,there has been a significant change in the designs and manufacturing of coke lamps. Due to competition in the market,each manufacturer tries to come up with a very unique design that will outsmart all the others.

This has resulted in many designs,some of them beyond words.

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Making and manufacturing of this lamp is majorly based on Cocacola bottles and products. The coke lamp can be easily made at home and will add taste to your bedroom’s decor.

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Hand-crafted decor

This lamp is entirely made from Coke recycled bottles. Coke bottle lamps can be made from plastic or glass bottles,but most of these lamps are made from glass. Not only are Coke bottles lamps simple hand-crafted decor,but can also be used in any place.

This lamp is also cheap and can easily be acquired. The use of common products to come up with unique products is evident in the crafting of Coke bottles. For interior decor and lighting,this lamp is surely worth a try.

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