Feel yourself so light and dreamy – 20 Best Ceiling star light projectors

Some restaurants you’ve walked into might have had a lasting impression because of way they’ve managed to transport you from the rainy clouds outside to create a space of vigor, enlightenment and pure bliss. You might have for a while been able to feel as though you were looking up at the dark star-filled night. How were you able to feel so light and dreamy, you might ask?

What is a star light ceiling projector?

This is a new revolution in lighting system which is a ceiling star light projector? This is a projection system that creates thousands of star lights on the ceiling in the privacy of your own room.

What to consider when choosing a star light projector ceiling?

  1. They can be placed anywhere in the room and most of them also have an option of being hung. They have an inbuilt key hole for optional wall mounting.
  2. Are they battery-operated or electrical operational.
  3. Are they to be kept in the kids’ room and will it have a bad effect on their eyes.
  4. These are all the questions that you need to consider before deciding to buy a star light ceiling projector.

A quick look at some of the best star light ceiling projectors

 1. Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light Turtle:

This is one of the best night light projectors. It is made taking into consideration infants and are ideally to be kept in nurseries and playrooms. It can be very calming and comforting for kids as well as for adults. It will leave you awestruck because of the high quality lighting effects.

2. Laser Twilight Projector 2013:

This one is especially known for not only its high quality lighting quality but also, for its durability factor. This has a special feature that enables us to switch it to three modes of use. One with clouds, the other with stars and the third with a combination of both stars and clouds.

However, this one is faulty in terms of the noise its fan begins to make in a few hours. To solve this, couple this lighting with some amazing music and you’re good to go.

Is it worth buying a star light night ceiling projector? Definitely as they aren’t too pricey and neither are they harmful. Actually, they are good and relaxing for the body.

#1 Star Light Cinema

This plug and play star ceiling system is very easy to install due to extremely simple construction. If you’re planning to create a personal home movie theater, this system would be a fine solution for your stretched ceiling. This element of décor will make your movie theater look more authentic and that will add some additional charm and style. The highlight along the perimeter finalizes a splendid look of your new room.

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ceiling star light projector photo - 1

#2 Pentagon Star Light Projector

This pentagon lighting can be installed on the bedside table or right below the ceiling. Being powered from a circuit it creates a superb starlit sky with minimum energy consumption. The figure rotates on the axis and the terrestrial bodies move as if you’re lying in an open space. It’s an excellent solution, if you do not want to spend a lot of time on installing standard star light system.

ceiling star light projector photo - 2

#3 A Splendid Gift for Astronomy Lovers

For someone who is really into researching our space, this laser star projector can become the best gift. It perfectly imitates the sky in two mods: clear and cloudy skies. The nebulas are in a blue color that imitates the real stars. It will be an excellent means for a tired person to observe peacefully the sky and meditate till full relaxation comes. An automatic turn off mode can be adjusted as well.

ceiling star light projector photo - 3

#4 Unusual Ceiling Light

The ceiling light has stopped being just a source of light. At present a ceiling lamp has already become a fashionable decoration for people’s dwellings. This star light is an excellent solution for celebrating various holidays or as an alternative source of light instead of main illumination. Fortunately, this star light does not consume too much energy because of LED lamps which are used for granting light.They are known for their energy effectiveness.

ceiling star light projector photo - 8

#5 Cylinder Star Light Projector

Kids like unusual presents and this lamp will be among those which will come to kids’ tastes. It is powered via standard socket and has got an additional USB port to charge the gadgets of the children. There are three modes in this lamp. A standard mode just projects the stars onto the ceiling without movement. The second mode makes the stars move and change their color. The last mode makes the stars twinkle. This is an excellent means for fast falling asleep and relieving the stress.

ceiling star light projector photo - 9

#6 Sphere Star Projector

Kids adore dreaming about something magical and these lamps would add some magic to children’s lives. It doesn’t copy the real night sky, but it projects huge miraculous magic stars onto the ceiling and walls. It would be an excellent night light for a kid that is afraid of dark. Reading some fairy tales under these magic stars would also be great.


#7 Blue Style Laser Projector

This mini projector is an excellent gift for any boy or girl. It will grant wonderful dancing light on the ceiling that will both fascinate and relax the viewer. The blue color of the projections has a powerful sedative effect as this is a very calm color that removes tension from the neural system and lets the brain recover from a day of hard work.The best thing about this item is that it is operated by means of standard batteries.

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#8 Under The Ceiling Projector

This model requires a special niche in the ceiling to be installed. The projector is a very powerful tool of creating a star sky with the most popular stars, galaxies and various effects such as twinkling and the movement of space bodies. Such an unusual designer solution will transform any premise.


#9 Azure Projector Cute Light

This Azure Lamp projects calming azure light onto the ceiling and walls. The LED lamp that is placed inside the item is powerful enough to be used as a night light, but a very unusual one. It can be powered by 4AA batteries or 220V adapter. The light dances so beautifully on the walls that it can be really hard to avert one’s look from it.


#10 Phenomenal Laser Show Projector

With this laser show projector you will be able to transform your room into open space. It consists of four colored LED lamps which combine various colors and hues that move unstoppably like real constellations. The item is powered by 3AA batteries of 240V socket. That is why this Lamp can be taken anywhere due to its universal usability.


#11 2-IN-1Projector and Lamp

If you do not have enough room to install a standard projector onto the ceiling, this lamp would be an excellent alternative. It is both powerful LED light lamp and a projector that casts sparkling stars around. An old ceiling lamp can be replaced by this model and grant big light or create a star ceiling out of your standard one.


#12 Adjustable Multi Colored Laser Projector

When you want to create a romantic atmosphere, this star projector will be a wonderful option. There are plenty of colors and modes to correspond the needs of the owner. There are 12 types of star sky – one for each month. This flashing tool will create a spectacular show not only on the ceiling but also on the walls and the floor. It’s a real 360 degree wonder.


#13 Splendid Night Sky Projector

A brand new star show can be placed in one’s room with minimum efforts and with a single click of a switch. A new plastic crating provides extra effective light dissipation for a better star demonstration. Get this item to decorate your house, party, bedroom or any other room that must be illuminated with stars. Three colored lamps offer excellent opportunities for a beautiful light performance.


#14 Stretched Ceiling Star Sky Projector

If you’re planning to create a new stretched ceiling, you can think about using a 3d painting technique. Think about drawing a picture of open space and installing this projector that will transfer the stars onto the picture and make it look as a real window into open space.

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#15 Gift for Lovers

With this item you can bring a romantic night sky into the bedroom, kitchen or a living room. Sitting on a couch under the sky covered with extraordinary constellations is perhaps one of the most romantic events that you can engage with you loved one. It is operated by astro star laser projector that imitates the sky in a very realistic manner.


#16 Mystery Lamp

If you like sleeping under open sky but rarely have such an opportunity, this lamp would be an excellent substitute. It has a wide range of constellations available for projecting. It was made mono colored to imitate a realistic night sky. The LED light is energy saving and low energy consuming, so it can be operated by means of standard batteries. It will be suitable for both children and adults.


#17 Cinema under Star Sky

You’ll definitely like this projector, if you ever dreamed about watching a movie under a night sky and on a big screen. It is mounted together with a standard movie projector and it can be controlled with the same remote. Such light adds extra comfort, while you are watching you favorite HD movies.


#18 Dreams UnderThe Star Sky

Bring the celestial science into your dwelling with this stylish projector. It generates not only stars but also the Moon, comets and other heavenly bodies which are in a constant movement. All these elements were specifically added to grant extra realism to your newly obtained star sky projector. A remote control will be very comfortable,because you can control the gadget from any part of the room where it is installed.


#19 Let The Force Be With You

It is hard to find a person who hasn’t heard about Star Wars saga and the main villain – Dart Vader. From now on there is an opportunity to have a personal black lord, who will create a real Star Wars sky on your ceiling. It will be an excellent present for both fans of the saga and just people who want an unusual accessory in the interior. It can be used as a memorable souvenir and as a night lamp as well.


#20 XVR Star Ceiling

People were charmed by a mysterious star sky for ages. Some people made predictions based on the movements of the stars, some people made wishes upon falling stars and some people just dreamed about something while looking into the eyes of the universe. The projector of this type generates one of the most realistic star sky imitations that looks truly amazing.


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