TOP 10 Ceiling light types of 2023

Ceiling lamps play an important role in the overall aesthetic value of a room. This is mostly overlooked by many people who invest greatly in other areas to make room look beautiful without knowing that the elegance of a nice ceiling lamp is just fantastic.


To this end, there are many ceiling light types all which are subject to factors such as price,space,light intensity among others. Regarding prices,bulbs are the most common choice for those who are looking for pocket friendly lights while chandeliers and pendant lights are more priced.

Chandeliers also occupy more space and they are suspended from the ceiling.Pendants are similar to chandeliers only that they do not have as many light as chandeliers.


Fluorescent tubes are as long as two meters and are mostly used in the hallways but less in the rest rooms. Ceiling light types provide a user experience of serenity that can only be achieved by the right ceiling light at the right place.

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