All you wanted to know about Ceiling fan socket

If you have one of light ceiling fan socket that has gone bad, do not despair, in any case not before you have checked out some things. Here is what you need to do.

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Do the replacement of the whole fixture

You should not have to do the replacement of the whole fixture to get the light working once more. Light sockets on the ceiling fans are attractive the same as to those on the standard lighting fixtures, and many of them are replaceable.

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Try the quick fix

Before you disassemble a light, try the quick fix. You need to turn off a power to a fixture at a breaker box, after that pry up a little metal tab at a base of a socket by using the small screwdriver.

Restore the power and then test light with the good bulb. Sometimes, the tab press down very far and then fails in making contact with a bulb tip. If this technique does not work, remove and then replace socket.

To make the life easier learn what an essential ceiling fan socket parts are to avoid the costly problems when replacing the parts.

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