Prop ceiling fan – provides a fashionable appearance to your house

A ceiling fan should not just be functional, but also stylish. Having a prop ceiling fan will air your room as well as provide a fashionable appearance to your house. This ceiling fan is made with desirable specifications to suite every house and make it a home.

Where To Use The Prop Ceiling Fan

It’s state of the art hand crafted buttonwood blades are curved in such a way to provide optimal performance for airing your house. The prop ceiling fan can be painted to match other furniture in your house and is of the perfect size even in small spaces.

This ceiling fan can be used in any room you desire. However, the prop ceiling fan is best used in the living room and bedrooms.


Prop ceiling fans are generally made with modernity in mind. In the quest for perfection, this ceiling fan is remote controlled, to give out just the right amount of air in your already stylish house.

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