Trendsetting broken lamp

It is very easy nowadays to find different kind of lamps starting from antique lamps to designer lamps in the market.

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But, have you heard anytime before that we do have broken lamp which has become a trend nowadays? As the term implies broken lamp is nothing but the lamp which had got broken.

It is very common to see people throw off the broken lamps to the dustbin thinking it is of no use. But, I am here to convey that they can be reused very well even though it’s broken.

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An Eye catcher

When we have a broken lamp of reasonable size and if kept in the visitors room between the single seat chairs that not only gives an unique look to your lamp but also ensures that it makes the visitor curious about it.

What next, this way the host gets an opportunity to speak about it especially when the host is stuck with nothing to discuss with the visitor.

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