Key advantages of a brake lamp

Automotive lighting is of absolute significance to every vehicle. The lighting of a car can be used in several instances to indicate a certain change in motion. Brake lamps come in handy to indicate to oncoming traffic when the car is about to stop or to slow down.

Having working brake lights, therefore, cannot be overrated. Brake lamps are thus advantageous in the following two ways:

brake lamp photo - 1

Easy to replace

Brake lamps repair parts are readily available, and therefore it is quite easy to replace them in case they are faulty.

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Easy to tell if there’s an existing fault

The brake warning lights can serve to indicate a faulty braking system. Its key function is to indicate when the parking brake is in use. The functions, however, differ with different car models and one should consult the manual for the complete lists of its functions.

It usually lit up if the brake fluid level is running low or in the presence of wear and tear on the pads and linings of the brakes.


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