Bird table lamp – 10 types of lamp gaining attraction in interior design

The right lamps can make or break any room in your home, and lighting is an important feature often overlooked in interior design. The length and darkness of the shade accompanying your lamp is another consideration to be taken into account when choosing which lamp to buy.

As explored in detail below, there are many types of lamp to choose from as opposed to the standard ordinary Bird table lamp.


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Alternative Lamp Designs

There are many creative and exotic types of lamp which could add more benefit to rooms in any house or dwelling. You could try a bird cage table lamp, doubling as both a bird cage and a bird table lamp!

Bird table lamps are a new type of lamp gaining attraction in interior design. There are many other types of lamp which can add to your home.

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For example, another beautiful type of Bird table lamp is the three way touch lamp which is both useful, versatile and panoramic, not to mention modern and stylish.

There are coin lamps, requiring you to insert a coin to light, mushroom lamps which are powered by AA batteries and other types of futuristic chain lamps. There are also newly reinvented styles of lamp which can add a different type of style.

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Brass Hurricane lamps were really a tasteful guard for preventing the light from a candle from extinguishing, and have been reinvented with electricity for the modern era, minus the candle.

From bird cage lamps to mushroom designs, there are many options to chose from when deciding on lamps for your home.

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