Big ceiling fans – vacations right inside your home

Big ceiling fans have a dual purpose of giving your home the magnificent appearance it deserves while it is kept airy and cool at the same time. I bet you have not seen the best appearance of your home yet till you install one of these beauties so far.

Big ceiling fans with lights just bring the palace out in your home!

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Big ass ceiling fans makes you feel like you are on a vacation right inside your home! They are really elegant looking, especially big ass ceiling fans with lights and sprawling too.

Yes, really. They provide noiseless and efficient air movements as they give your homes a uniquely stylish appearance so far.

Natural and health friendly

Big lots ceiling fans can give your family the cool that both natural and health friendly! They have attractive and elegant layouts. Big lots ceiling fans give class to your home while keeping things’ airy.

#1 Metal Fan

When it is unbearably hot in the streets, this giant ceiling fan will present a portion of freshness to one’s lungs. The fan of this type is located close to the ceiling and together with wide wings of special construction it cools down the premise very quickly and almost without any noise. Moreover, a stylish fan is not only a source of air, but it’s also an element of a decent interior.

#2 Stylish Wood and Metal

For those who want to have not only fresh air, but also a stylish accessory, the fan of this type would be a great idea. The unity of wood and metal looks always awesome and attractive due to the universality of the materials. It makes the fan one of the most popular designer solutions. This item will be ready to destroy all the heat and bring cold to any house, where it will be placed.

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#3 Dark and Powerful

When it comes to bringing fresh air, this big black fellow is the right person to ask for. It has a decent amount of wing blades which will blow the heat away from your room almost instantly. It has got several speeds and it will be very easy to pick just the right blowing mode for optimal comfortable temperature inside the premise.

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#4 Gorgeous Style Fan

If you’re tired of standard fans, this one will definitely surprise you. It has got a fashionable look that seems very attractive for people. It was fashionably designed by placing natural ornaments on glass by means of metal plating. The built in lamp emphasizes an unusual style of the item and can be used as a full ceiling light when the fan is not needed. The remote control of the item is also available.

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#5 Bronze Classics

The creators of this wind blowing gadgets might have been inspired with the images of some steampunk stories or movies, where machines are operated by steam. This bronze fan is a nice décor idea for retro interior. It has got two speeds: normal and fast. The fast mode is effective when you need to cool down the room within 10-15 minutes even in the most scorching day.

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#6 Triple Blow

It seems like this fan is too weak to make the air fresh, but this idea can be somewhat wrong. It is true that the size of this fan is smaller together with the number of wings, although, the thickness and the width of the wings of these items are increased on purpose to provide more effective flow of air for a faster cool down. The stylish wooden design makes the item rather appealing.

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#7 Retro Fan

This retro style fan is a good option for some classical designed room. It has got three speed modes which can be interchanged by pulling the string several times. The colors are suitable for designs of all popular styles and are very practical and easy to clean. The recommended height of the ceilings to mount this fan is 2.2 meters.

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#8 Slim Ceiling Fan

This fan works fine with high ceiling and relatively big rooms as it has got rather long wings and they need some space for maneuvering. The total amount of wings is ten and the edges are somewhat curved to catch more fresh air and bring it down to people. In addition, this piece of equipment is upgraded with a lamp and an opportunity to connect a remote to control.

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#9 Giant Fan

The fan is definitely not for small ceilings. This giant has a total speed of over 180 turns per minute and can bring freshness to some huge rooms where it is too stuffy. To install it there is only one requirement – a very high ceiling because of a very long fixture to withhold the piece of equipment.

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#10 Modern Style Fan

The fan of this type is an excellent sportive solution for a room in a modern style. The item works almost noiseless and at a rather decent speed. If the room is stuffy and lacks coolness such a stylish accessory is an excellent source of freshness that will satisfy the owner for a long time without any failures in the work.

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