Best Night Light to Match Everybody’s Needs

When we use the term “night light” most of us mean any source of light that is applied for a removal of darkness in the premises by making everything visible.

According to public statistics 90 million devices are purchased by customers yearly. There are numerous variations and options of night light like bathroom night light, night lamp for a baby, basement night lamp, bedside night lamp, and many other variations depending on applicability. Additionally, this type of lights can be applied to make some important notifications and announcements visible even at night.

The Characteristics of Night Light on the Basis of LED

One of the most characteristic features of this devices is that it will be hard to find bright night light. Most models are designed not to disrupt sleep and serve as an assistant for night walks. For children it is a superb assistant in fighting against the fear of darkness. Finally, the night light prevents the eyes from getting stressed.

The LED technology that is applied for the best night lights is based on the principle of combining negative and positive charges collision which transforms into the sources of light. There is an abundance of colors and brightness levels. The items are highly appraised by people for their longevity that reaches 30k hours.

The prices are possibly their greatest problem as it is usually higher than the one of the other types of lamps. However, they are safer as their temperature is far lower than of incandescent and halogen lamps and it will not inflict the damage which other lamps could have done due to high temperature.

The Types of Night Lamps

With the development of technological progress, the number of night lamp types has dramatically grown. There are models of various shapes, sizes, and functional spectrum. Some of the simplest models still have a standard on/off system, while other models are equipped with motion sensors, dimmers, and even projectors. Here is a basic classification of led night light which are acquired most often.

  • Plug-in mini construction is a real classic of a night light and in most cases, it is associated with this type of lamp. This is the simplest construction that is plugged into the socket and that cast weak light to show the path during the night.
  • Projector lamps are the models which are perfect for kids as they are capable to cast various dancing pictures around the room like stars, fairytale heroes etc. These lamps create a peculiar atmosphere in the room. Some models are equipped with a speaker, so you can turn on some relaxing music to fall asleep faster.
  • Transportable light is an accumulator operated source of light that can be introduced in any shape. It can be performed even in a form a favorite toy. That is the most attractive feature of the lamp.
  • Bedside-tabletop light is the simplest miniature lamp that is placed right near the bed or on the table. There are cords, shades and other attributes a led night light has from the standard lamp.

Why People Use Nightlights in the Interior

Here are some of the numerous advantages of a nightlight.

  • It does not prevent sleep. The light of this type does not cause any problems with sleep as the level of brightness is usually rather low. It does not cause stress and guarantees normal awakening.
  • It ensures decent visibility. Regardless of the low brightness, the lamp gives enough light for seeing the area around without fear to fall or strike against the wall. It is especially important in places with a serious lack of light.
  • It is a comfortable interior attribute. A dull light is an excellent stress reliever. It will remove the level of anxiety and help to gain a decent portion of energy. It is specifically noticeable during the night as it will not prevent the further sleep in case of awakening.
  • It is a money-saving technology. If compared to a standard ceiling light, the night light of any type is an amazing saver of finances. You will be greatly amazed by the bills which you will find in the mail.

The Basic Criteria of Selection

The basic criterion of the nightlight selection is the light that it produces. Select the options which emit soft light that will not disturb the eyes and will not cause stress when it is turned on. It is an excellent idea to obtain the models which are equipped with the regulator of brightness to get a multifunctional item that can be applied to various situations.

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When you consider the color of the model think about relaxing color like blue, green and orange. Try to avoid the models with extremely bright colors unless they definitely match the interior of the premise. The shades with the mentioned colors will stimulate recovery and will contribute to the formation of healthy sleeping habits.

The Matter of Safety

The safety is an important criterion that plays a decisive role in most cases. That is why when you are selecting the lamp for the night you should concentrate on the following points.

  • The construction plays a great role in the selection of the model. The metal construction is reliable and solid, but it can be not very suitable for the children. Glass is a safer material but still, it can be broken if there is a lack of attention present. Plastic is the material that introduces the greatest variety of night lights. However, you need to check the items for the presence of the smell and for the solidity of the plastic that is used.
  • The cord length. The options with wire should have a decent length so that you didn’t have to search for extensions. The plug should sit firmly in the socket. For a greater portability it is better to select the fixtures without wire or with accumulators.
  • Safety of construction. Please look carefully if all the details are finely attached to each other. There shouldn’t be any endfloats in the construction and it should be solid.   

Best Led Night Light Reviews

While selecting the night lamp, it is advisable to pay attention to various elements of the lamp starting with the overall look and ending with the brightness of the light. Consider comparing various models which are made of glass, ceramics or plastic and choose the most attractive option.

When you are testing the light try to experience it in a dark premise so that you could know what to expect from the model. Remember the most important point – the light should correspond the needs so any of the mentioned light types can be applied for the place of yours. Below you will find some fine representatives of nightlights for various cases. Read the reviews and this can grant you some ideas of what lamp you require most.

Sycees SC01 Plug-in LED Night Light Lamp with Dusk to Dawn Sensor

The first representative of the miniature LED night light is one of the simplest yet most practical models which people tend to select most frequently. The light of the model was organized in a perfect manner to be not too bright or dull during the exploitation.

With this option, you will be capable to see everything around brilliantly. A dusk-dawn sensor is another extra benefit of the model and it will start working when it is needed most to fulfill the duties of carrying the light. Each model is equipped with 4 LED Bulbs which will loyally serve for an extremely long time.


  • It generates the most appropriate level of lighting for night.
  • The compact size doesn’t affect the usefulness of the item.
  • The offset prongs make the model extra comfortable for household utilization.


  • Some people tend to say that the light is too bright depending on the socket voltage.
  • It hasn’t got any extra modes of lighting.

AmerTac 71382CC Forever-Brite Plug-In Night Light

This option of night lighting was designed to correspond all the ergonomic requirements for practical exploitation. The model is performed in the shape of a flat panel that is safer and hard to plug out by mistake.

It will definitely find a good place in the interior that requires some decent night light. This particular model is equipped with two light modes – blue and green so that you could select the most pleasant one for the night.


  • It is equipped with two lights.
  • Due to the softness of the light, the lamp will not impact the quality of the sleep.
  • The lamp is specifically designed in a close to wall look for a greater safety.


  • The model is sensitive to daylight so during the day it might not turn on if there is a need for this item.
  • These are both, either switched blue or green LED night lights. There’s a small three-way switch on the side for selecting the color of the LED: Green, Off, Blue.
  • They are not bright and will not disturb sleep.
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Night Lighting Lamp with Romantic Rotating Cosmos Star Sky Moon Projector

Those people who wish to add some space magic into their rooms will surely benefit from this option. This night-lamp projector will carry the beauty of the universe into the place where this lamp will be turned on.

There are mono-colored modes and 9 colored modes for diving into the rainbow of imagination. It will be perfect for the bedroom of a kid and even adults will be capable to enjoy this night light.


  • It has got a nine colors mode.
  • The model is perfect for the utilization by kids.
  • The construction is equally light and durable due to high-quality plastic.


  • The model hasn’t got a preinstalled timer for switching the lamp off.
  • It is equipped with USB cable only.
  • You have to purchase AC adapter on your own.

Maxxima MLN-16 LED Plug in Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor

Here we have another stylish night lamp that is designed according to the miniature pattern. This model produces a 5-lumen light that is enough for seeing everything at night.

It will be equally perfect for some practical use and for some romantic decoration of the room as the model goes in a pack of separate items. You can forget about the replacement of bulbs as the diodes are nearly eternal in their term of service.


  • The set contains four separate lamps that can be installed anywhere.
  • It has a function of slow motion on/off.
  • The model is approved for humid places utilization.


  • Some people state that the light is too sharp for the eyes.
  • The light activates when it is dark only.

AmerTac 73092CC LED Motion-Activated Nite Lite

The AmerTac presents a fine specimen of night light that is applicable for people who wish to add some stylish source of light to their interiors. This option is the solution to the most frequent complaint about the motion sensor. The model has a 25ft distance reaction with 100 degrees. The item goes down after 60 seconds of work thus saving a lot of energy. The day sensor prevents the model from working during solar hours.


  • The sensor is designed in an extremely effective manner.
  • The model produces a nice soft light that is perfect for the night.
  • It has a fine modern look suitable for any premise.


  • Some owners state that sensitivity is less than 25ft.
  • It won’t work during the day.
  • There are cases of the diodes flickering after a long-term use of the item.

Maxxima Night Lights MLN-50 5 LED

Miniature and extra bright – these are the two words which can describe the model in the best possible way. This is a perfect solution for people who are tired to wake up and start searching for the switch.

Just get out of the bed and near the closest socket, your light friend will greet you by casting away all the shadows. An extra powerful unit will assist you in the darkest nights while saving money and energy.


  • The sensor works very effectively.
  • It is shipped in packs of two units.
  • The model can be used for bathrooms and basements.


  • It can be too bright in some cases.
  • The design could have been better.

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Turtle

This night lamp is something totally new. It combines the features of a cuddly toy and marvelous star projectors. The child will be fascinated to have such an amazing tool in the room.

With only a single push of the button, the machine will start a miraculous star show that will last for 45 minutes. This will be enough for falling asleep. All the soft material is designed to bring safety and reliability and prevent the kid from getting to the mechanical parts.

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  • Safe and soft construction for children.
  • Unusual design that will be adored by the owner.
  • The easy control function is available.


  • The stars are visible at night only.
  • It is really hard to get to the wires and screws in case something happens to the lamp.

Beams MB723 Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight

The item is a universally applicable source of light that can be installed onto any surface. The light is extra bright to see everything clearly in a total darkness. The light lasts for 30 seconds and that will be enough to pass through while seeing everything. With the battery source of energy, you will be capable to forget about sockets.


  • You can stick it wherever you like.
  • The model is designed for all conditions utilization.
  • The life term of the bulbs is announcing to be over 50k hours.
  • The motions sensors are easy to install.


  • It is battery operated though it can be used with rechargeable ones.
  • The warranty is spread to only several stores who are official dealers.

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, Sound Machine and Time-to-Rise

This model is designed for loving parents who want to monitor the status of the kids. It has a built-in speaker to transfer the sounds from the bedroom right to the smart device of the parent. It can play a soothing music that will contribute a healthy sleep and a special spectrum of light contributes to the relaxation more efficiently.


  • It is a fully programmable device.
  • The model produces special sound and emits pleasant light spectrum.
  • It has a baby block function to prevent messing up with the item.


  • There are issues with the soft installation on some models of smartphones.
  • There might be problems with the dynamic of the gadget after some time of exploitation.

Lights By Night Manual On/Off Night Light, Incandescent, Plug-In, Soft White, White Shade, Ideal for Bedroom, Bathroom, Hallway, Stairs, Pantry and Laundry Room, 52194

Here we have a nice attempt to make a night lamp attractive and stylish to look more like a conventional model. Although it is made of plastic it looks rather cute with an accent on simplicity. The classical switch of the nightlight is the final element which emphasizes the retro style of the model.


  • The price is really affordable.
  • The model stays cold for safety reasons.
  • The LED technology is used to offer energy.
  • The model is universally applicable.


  • It doesn’t turn on under rays of light.
  • The design is rather poor.

LED Motion Sensor Light, Emotionlite Plug in Motion Activated Night Light, Hallway, Bathroom, Stairs, Kitchen, Garage, Corridor, Bedroom, Warm White, 2 Pack

The reviewed model is an option of a greater brightness capacity of 20 lumens. It produces a gentle warm light that doesn’t harm the eyes. It is perfect for rest and walking around the house at night. The movement sensor does all the job to come and help when you are near. With the service term of over 50k hours, the lamp will present you many years of loyal labor.


  • The material does not produce undesirable glare.
  • The motions sensor works in a nice way.


  • It is not comfortable to do house chores.

ZHOPPY Night Light Bluetooth Speakers, Touch Control Bedside Lamp Portable Table Lamp Color LED Outdoor Speaker Light Music Player Birthday Gifts

If you want a nice model of a lamp with numerous functions, this lamp will become just the right thing for you to select. It combines numerous functions which are more suitable for a smart lamp than for a night light. It plays music, changes color and is fully dimmable. An excellent acquisition for those who like comfort and applicability.


  • It can switch colors.
  • There are several lighting functions.
  • You can take it with you on a journey.
  • The design of the model is rather stylish.


  • The length of the given chord is too short.
  • You have to buy extra cables.

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