10 things to consider before installing Wall solar lights

Wall solar lights are pretty much like they sound, solar powered wall solar lights that you mount to a wall. They can be used in a variety of ways. They can be utilized by your entryway in place of the standard electrical coach wall solar lights.

They can be used to help illuminate your patio, deck or balcony at night. They can also be used in a shed or detached garage to help provide visibility at night.

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Why Use wall solar lights

Some people like to use them to save on their energy usage and costs, but they are also instrumental in places where there isn’t wiring. If you have a shed or other small storage building that isn’t wired for electricity a wall solar lights can be a great way to add light to increase visibility or even security at night.

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Wall solar lights are easy to install. Since they don’t need to be wired or connected to an electrical source installing them is pretty easy. But remember they still need a power supply, in this case, it is the sun.

Make sure you install them in an area where the solar panels will be exposed to sun light during the day. If they don’t gather and store enough energy from the sun during the day, they may not be as bright, or they may not last throughout the night.

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