10 key tips for choosing the ideal Bedside table reading lamps

The bedroom is a cozy and intimate room where you retire to relax after a long working day. A bedside lighting illuminates and creates the mood of the bedroom.

Cozying up with a book is a way many people choose to end their day. And therefore, choosing a suitable bedside table reading lamp is essential in helping one enjoy reading their favorite book. Here are 3 key tips for choosing the ideal bedside lighting:


There is a wide variety of bedside lamps. In choosing bedside table reading lamps, consider the specific height of the lamp. It is convenient if the lamp is slightly higher than your shoulder when laying on the bed.

Consider lamps with opaque shades as they can naturally cut glare when reading. Consider the lamps that you can switch on and off conveniently from the comfort of your bed. The number of bulbs the bedside lamp can use is also a vital thing to consider.

Choosing the ones that can use more than one bulb is excellent as can come in handy when you require extra illumination. Consider the design of the lamp including the base of the lamp to know if it can fit well on your bedside furniture.


There are different bedside lighting options including, pendant, wall and the table lamps.The purpose of the lighting can determine one’s choice. Bedside table reading lamps is a great option for one to enjoy reading without glare.

A stylish bedside lamp can act as a perfect decor and not be a suitable choice for reading with. Therefore, don’t just look at the style and design but also consider the functionality of the lamp.

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Different lamps differ in prices depending on the model, design and the features of the lamps. Consider the lamps that give you value for your money.

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