Bear lamps – light that gives you peace

Lamps are definitely an important element of all houses. Bear lamps is a collection of beautiful craftsmanship and detail on bears. Bear lamps come in different sizes, shapes and designs which makes them unique from one other.

bear lamps photo - 1


The lamp works perfectly with the little nightlight that comes with it and the lampshade surprises everyone depending on the type of lighting one is after. It has no problem accommodating the new energy efficient light bulbs that are now on market.

Most of the lamps are portable and designed to fit in a particular place, for example those designed to be placed in a baby’s room. Bear lamp shade, has the same warm glow as natural rawhide.

bear lamps photo - 2


Bears are iconic wildlife throughout most of North America and décor featuring bear is perfect for decorating a lodge, cabin, or rustic home. Bear décor also makes the perfect gift for those who truly appreciate nature.

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