Ball wall light – 10 reasons to install

Safety is the first thing which must be had in mind while one purchases a ball wall light. Especially when kids are there in a home then extra caution should be in mind and in these days the manufacturers are supplying different types of flos glo ball wall light which are reliable to be used when children are in the home.

They are safe

The flos glo ball wall lights are made heavy so that it does not accidentally fall over .This reduces the injury of people from electric shocks when it is shaken by mistake by the kids of the house.

This makes the lights more used than any other in town.

Variety is our aim

Another interesting product designed within this type is the flos glo ball wall light that come in both direct and indirect lighting versions. The significant variation of these lamps is the clear plastic lamp shade that covers the source light and diffuses the beam in a rather unique way.

ball wall light photo - 1
ball wall light photo - 2
ball wall light photo - 5
ball wall light photo - 7
ball wall light photo - 8
ball wall light photo - 9


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