Army lamp – let the light bright in

No home is truly complete without the perfect lamp illuminating and decorating the room. In your bedroom there is no way you can live without one but also, what is a living-room without one?

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Finding the right style

If you are not so sure about the lamp to choose we have some nice tips for you! First of all look around… What colors do you see? If, for example, beige plain shades predominate you can opt for a subtle army lamp to have some color contrast and a little bit of elegant roughness.

In the case you are looking for a lamp to match a palette of blue tones you can choose a light color to add some brightness to the room.

army lamp photo - 2


Depending on the patterns, the boldness of the colors and of course the decoration style, you will have to consider which options will suit your room the best so far.

army lamp photo - 3
army lamp photo - 4
army lamp photo - 6
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