Styling Your Room with Animal table lamps

Animal table lamps are modern and sizzling lamps that are designed to take a form of a certain animal. The lamps are carefully sculptured and molded to come up with an animal figure to bring decorative value to the house. They suit every room and come in the following designs:

Seleti Standing Mouse Table Lamp

This animal table lamp is realistic to a real mouse and even comes in size and height of a mouse. It is perfect for every room and adds charm and significance to every space.

Ceramic Fox Sculptured Table Lamp

It is made from the best ceramic and porcelain material and sculptured to take a shape of the fox. It is a charming porcelain which will bring a unique décor to any room.

Large Lion Light Bronze Table Lamp

These animal table lamps are available in a variety of colors and are fitted with a delightful cut-out lion themed stand for the best finish. It is best for the sitting room as it also entertains and styles the room.

animal table lamps photo - 1
animal table lamps photo - 2
animal table lamps photo - 3
animal table lamps photo - 4
animal table lamps photo - 8


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