Alien lava lamp – 10 reasons to buy

Alien lava lamps are among the unique kind of lighting that you can offer to your room, usually comprising of a cone-molded base that encompasses a light bulb. That light bulb heats up a glass holder above it.

Inside the holder is the ‘lava’, which usually comprises of , mineral oil, paraffin wax and carbon tetra chloride.

alien lava lamp photo - 1

Why choose alien lava lamp?

1. Functionality

Alien lava lamps are not only for lighting but they are functional as well; Lava lamps make sleek night lights, effectively enlightening your way oblivious without being too splendid or blinding.

alien lava lamp photo - 2

2. Can be applied any room

They can be added to any space to make a natural and quiet condition.

alien lava lamp photo - 4

3. Beautiful look

It can likewise be very calming and thoughtful to just watch the alien lava lamps during the evening, making an incredible escape from stress.

alien lava lamp photo - 5

Final note

After reading this you have to consider choosing alien lava lamps over any other type if lighting fixtures.

alien lava lamp photo - 9
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