36 watt uv lamp – Ultraviolet lamp for Shellac


The unique system combines its UV Lamp to give your clients long-wear protection for natural and artificial nails. 36 watt uv lamp will harden gels or UV topcoat with within 2 minutes. Professional UV nail curing lamp for salon use.

36 watt (4x9w) UV light cures gels fast. Cures gels in as little as 90 seconds. Features two automatic timers (90 sec and 120 sec). Leaves nails with a beautifully smooth even finish. Can be used on both hands and feet.

36W UV Lamp Nail Dryer


  • Powerful PL UVA bulbs cure your nails faster, safer and odorless
  • Intelligent timer with 120-Sec, 180-Sec automatically times each session, so your manicure & pedicure process becomes easy and precise
  • With included UV gloves and nail file, the all-in-one package is good for both home or salon use
  • Built for multi-purposes to cure a variety of nail polishes and UV products, such as UV top coat / UV builder gel / etc
  • Easy to use, just plug in and you are ready to go

UV Lamp Light for Any UV gel polish, with Sliding Tray & Timmer Setting


  • TOP RATED: Amazon’s Best Leading Manicure Beauty Brand.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: 36W Professional UV curing lamp is operated with four 9WUV light bulbs and one Extra Free bulb for replacement.
  • SUPER COMPATIBLE with all kinds of UV gel polish.
  • QUICK DRYING: Powerful PL UVA cures your nails faster and safer with salon quality.
  • The LONGEST WARRANTY can achieve 12 months and Friendly Customer Service at any times.
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Salon Edge 36W UV Lamp Nail Acrylic Gel


  • White 36 watt UV lamp with built-in 2 minute timer cures gel nail polish in minutes
  • Evenly cures UV gel nail polishes on natural or acrylic nails
  • Nail UV Light cures gel polishes more evenly than an LED nail lamp
  • Slide out tray with reflective lining evenly cures gel polish; Tray dimensions 5.5 inch length by 5.9 inch width accommodates one hand or foot at a time
  • Easily achieve long lasting UV gel nails; for at home use or the nail salon


36W UV LED Nail Lamp Manicure/Pedicure Nail Dryer


  • DOUBLE LIGHT SOURCE TECHNOLOGY: The new advanced technology covers a wider range of ultraviolet band, suitable and guaranteed for drying all kinds of nail gels, including nail UV gel, nail builder gel, nail sculpture gel, rhinestone gems glue, CND Shellac, OPI and LED nail gel. No need to worry about distinguishing your nail gel. It takes only 30 sec to dry nail UV glue and 60 sec to dry rhinestone gem glue.
  • 4 TIMER SETTINGS & HEAT DISSIPATION HOLE DESIGN: Your UVLED nail polish dryer has 4 timer settings:10s, 30s, 60s and 99s. During the 99s temperature gradually increasing mode, power enhances gradually to resolve all pain problems caused by curing gels. Also, heat dissipation hole design can cool the machine continuously for 30 seconds, protecting the machine from overheated.
  • AUTO-SENSING BY INFRARED INDUCTION: Hands in, lamp on. Hands out, lamp off. It can be started automatically by infrared induction if you put your hand into the machine without pressing time setting button. It will automatically come into the 99s low heat mode. Default max working time is 99s.
  • LONG-LASTING LED LIGHTS BEADS & EXTRA BONUS: 24 durable LED light beads with a life span of 50000 hours nonstop, lasting up to 5 years of continuous use. No need to worry about the replacement of the light beads. Extra bonus: free 3 colorful nail files and 1 detailed picture of nail gel polish application which helps shape your nails.
  • NEW LED LIGHT PROTECTS YOUR EYES & BODY: Your MiroPure UVLED nail lamp is equipped with 24 LED light beads which are different from traditional light bulbs. As the parent product, comparing with ultraviolet light of traditional nail lamps, the light is closer to white light, which ensures the color of nail gel and does no harm to your eyes as well as protects your skin from being black. Magnetic reflective panel can be separated without tools, more convenient for toenail gel curing.
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USpicy 48W LED UV Nail Dryer Nail Lamp for Gel Polishes with Automatic Sensor


  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL GEL POLISHES: Portable 48W LED and UV light dries all kinds of LED and UV gel based nails faster than most other nail dryers
  • BETTER VISIBILITY FOR BETTER NAILS: Provides the right illumination to paint detailed nail designs. Double press the 120s timer button to turn on the USB LED Light.
  • EYE-FRIENDLY COVERING: A pull-down cover safeguards and cares for light sensitive eyes A PILLOW TO REST HANDS: Comfortable hand pillow provides a place for hands to rest when applying gels
  • THREE TIMERS FOR MAX CONVENIENCE: Three timer modes and automatic sensor make for convenience when curing; detachable tray helps with cleaning or acts a space to cure toenails


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