1950s lamps – geometric inspiration by art of 50’s

Normally, the 1950s lamps feature simple lines, lots of space and age. They seem to have been made with a geometric inspiration as most resemble hour glasses, globes, rings and other shapes. Most of the lamps of the period combined both the ideas of the 1930s and 40s with the more modern looks of the mid century. In addition, you will find lamps of the same time that had fiberglass in their construction.

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The construction

The 1950s lamp had shades that were either made of ceramic or wrought iron. Also notable was that the base of the lamps were usually made of brass. If you are looking for more antique designs, you can go for mid century lamps that were designed to resemble flying saucers. These had centrally located lamp shades. Metal shades in white or brushed metal were specifically designed to reflect light downwards.

Most furniture manufacturers at the time saw the need to match the lamps with the rest of the furniture in a room in order to bring harmony. The most notable design in this era was a lamp that looked like a mushroom.

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The benefits of the lamps

Antique looks – one of the biggest benefits of using 1950s table lamps in your house is that you are able to add an antique look to your house. This makes the house look unique and attractive.

With 1950s table lamps, you have durable appliances in your home. Antique lamps were made of strong and durable materials that lasted for a long time. Therefore, these lamps, can serve you for a long time.

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Class – having mid century lamps at your home puts you in a class of your own. It is hard to find another person with such kind of appliances. As a result, they will add a lot of uniqueness to your home.


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Lastly, the lamps can be used for lighting just like any other modern types of lamps.

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