Philippe starck lamp – 10 tips fot choosing

Philippe has been in the design world since the 60s. He believes in creating things that are functional and his lighting designs are evidence of this.

Why buy a Philippe Starck lamp?

Philippe Starck lamp in the house is not only functional but it is also an authentic, captivating display. The lamps come in different designs from Pendant lights, suspension lights, table lamps and more.

The materials used to make the lamps are durable and attractive. Buying a Philippe lamp is making a bold fashion statement in the world of home decor.

The Philippe Starck Gun Lamps

The gun lamps are a masterpiece. When asked what inspired the design he said that design is his weapon. Philippe starck lamps are masterpieces. The Philippe Starck gun lamps feature a base, on which is a modeled gun facing upwards and a shade on top.

The lamps are available either in gold or chrome finishes. The gold finish has a black shade with gold lining on the inside. The chrome finished one has a white shade with a silver lining. The lamps can provide enough lighting to be able to read.

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