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The lamps are extremely conducive with the neutral color of your home giving an artistic touch to your room. They have designs that go very well with the white color without overshadowing it and come in varying shapes and style. There are numerous lamps to choose from, including white elephant lamp.


White elephant lamp gives a modern look, and is a source of great beauty for small and closed places. White elephant lamp gives a sense of craftsmanship, and whether it is of a medium, small or big type, it would sure make an everlasting impression.

When placed

According to the style and theme of the room, it surely gives satisfaction. There are numerous lamps to select from, such as white glass table lights. These types of lamps provide a modern-day look and will be a source of amazing beauty for compact and closed areas. It is possible to have an imaginative object.

#1 Upward Trunk Fellow

Here you can see an attractive lamp with a cute elephant that is holding a shade in its trunk. All the models are made of a fine ceramics and are covered with special enamel that can be polished for gaining some additional gloss. Such lamp would be appropriate in the room of the kid as children usually adore friendly giants for their awesome look. Most of them even want to ride upon them.


#2 Noble Style Elephant

Just take a look at this noble elephant. It was designed in a graceful pose with all the muscles in great tension, holding a light brown shade. The figurine was elaborately crafted with a great attention to the proportions and details of the real animal. The combination is a really win choice for placing it in a premise that was decorated in light tones. It doesn’t only look nice, but also grants plenty of light.

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#3 Golden Dots Fellow

See a real elephant plant with a lamp that is growing on the back of the animal. The design of this lamp is rather simple with an air of cuteness. The shade is introduced with paper material that is decorated with lovely gold dots. The very model of the elephant is made of a thick plastic material. You won’t have to worry that the item will shatter into pieces and still it looks as if it was made of a real stone.


#4 Elephant Stuntman

We can often see the elephants in the circuses. They are considered the smartest animals that cab be trained for an awesome performance. This lamp shows us an elephant that was depicted during a cool stunt while he was standing on his bag feet juggling a ball. The ball in fact is a fumed shade with a lamp inside. This would be a good bedside light in the rooms of both children and adults.

white elephant lamp photo - 1

#5 Hindu Elephant

This classic desktop light was designed in a shape of a festively decorated elephant that seems to have arrived from distant India to offer you a portion of bright light. The model in white is absolutely adorable and would be matching virtually any type of design dressed in white colours as if to emphasise the noble look of the premise.

white elephant lamp photo - 2

#6 The Burden on the Shoulders

This elephant represents a pride of the species. This beautiful albino giant is a holding a giant boulder in its trunk that is a lot bigger than the animal is. It shows the level of strength which the animal has got. It will become an excellent designer solution to any room that needs to be decorated in smart and exquisite manner.

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white elephant lamp photo - 6

#7 Ele Elephants

See an elegant model of a lamp shade that was performed with stylish Ele elephants. The contrasting black and white composition looks really attractive and pleasant to an eye. The item is made of a quality fabric and can be taken off any moment you want to clean it up. There are several variations of the shade’s diameter that ranges from 20 to 40 cm. It is compatible with standard and energy saving lamps.

white elephant lamp photo - 7

#8 Sweet Little Creature

If you are browsing a web in search of a lamp that is radiating with sweetness, this is just the right thing for you. The cute little elephant like this with upturned trunk that seems to greet everybody around would make any little child smile with joy. A simple design with a cream coloured shade is really perfect.

white elephant lamp photo - 8

#9 Ink Decorated Elephant

This miniature figurine of the lamp can cause nothing but adoration. The positive looking animal was painted with an attractive ink pattern. The elephant itself is hollow inside and with a single click of the switch it becomes a shining little creature. It would be a lovely gift for a child who is afraid of dark as the brave elephant will cast away the darkness.

white elephant lamp photo - 9

#10 Rubber Elephant

Here’s an awesome plastic elephant lamp that is totally smash proof and is not afraid of any damage. The whole body is made of rubbery plastic that can withstand the falls from high spots. The model is equipped with standard miniature batteries which make coloured led lights alive. This sweetie can shine with various hues of red, yellow, green and blue.

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