Wall washer led lights – create a captivating stage ambience

Are you looking for decorative lights to add a touch of beauty and elegance to your walls? Led wall washer light is the best solution for your search. With a projecting power beam of up to 90 meters, and millions of colors, it can adjust to, this lights are the change to reckon with in today’s world.

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Its programmable nature with the DMX controller adds a blend of uniqueness to the bulbs. These lights are designed in accordance to your suitability. From one row and linear wall washers led lights, to round wall washers a wide variety to select from is created.

In clubs, owners appreciate the lights ability to move with the rhythm of the music.This comes in handy to create a lively environment for its customers.
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Captivating stage ambience

Theater houses are also using this lights to create a captivating stage ambience. Led wall washer lights` flashing and fading capability play a big role to absorb the audience.

This is not the only places you can use this bulbs. Pizza joints, commercial buildings among others have also appreciated the touch of diligence wall washer lights create in this places.
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