Lightning your way with Wall sconces lights

Wall sconces light come in variety of shapes, with different unique styles made from different materials such as mica and bronze and in many shapes to chose from.

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Uses of wall sconces lights

Wall sconces lights are multipurpose. They provide little significant illumination beyond an accent light in a room. It is also used to alleviate glare, by creating light that is less stressful to the eye. Also used for general safety such as in hallway. In summary, they are used for both beauty and utility.

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Types of wall sconces lamp

There are six types generally. The up lights, the down lights, reading lights(adjustable), bath and vanity lights(glare-free), and picture lights( use to draw attention on artwork).

The lamp is placed strategically on target areas but is not limited to hallways, dark corridor and staircase walls.

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How to put them

They should hang at eye level and avoid direct exposure to light bulb. Generally, wall sconces lights are the best way to go.

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