Wall mounted desk lamp – 10 things to know before installing

With time, various types of desk lamps have been invented. Some of the great inventions include the wall mounted desk lamps.
Wall mounted desk lamp are desk lamps that are not placed directly desktop.


These lighting fixtures are characterized by a base that is attached with screws directly into the wall above a work desk. Wall mounted desk lamps have a flexible or hinged neck that provides them freedom of movement. The flexibility allows you to adjust the lamp accordingly to suit your preference as well as brightness.


Wall mounted desk lamp provides lighting for activities such as reading, studying or hobby work. Their adjustability ensures that the light amount of light the lamp gives out can be controlled by either increasing or reducing the distance between the lamp head and the table.

Since wall mounted desk lamps are not placed on desktops, you need not worry about your lamp falling off or breaking. These lighting fixtures are ideal for homes with children.

wall mounted desk lamp photo - 1
wall mounted desk lamp photo - 3


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