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The graceful and beauty of Arched floor lamps has deep presence in the decor world. Arch floor lamps are modern way of lightening having a lamp attached with a platform.


You can have a variety of arched floor lamps from different manufactures as:

  1. Lubbock Arched floor lamp: It is having a polished chrome attached to marble platform and have capability to give 100 watts of light.
  2. Revel Akira 3-light arc floor lamp: The lamp have woven beige burlap drum shades of three different sizes.
  3. Philips arc floor lamp have a brilliant disc of LED light on the top. This gives the impression of weightless hanging in the air.
  4. Wildon Home Floor lamp have a hanging expandable cylindrical shade which can extend according to the requirements.
  5. Urban Outfitters Gumball lamps has a beautiful neck bend that make the product as art piece.


Other than these arc floor lamps, you have choice of Artiva USA Floor lamp, Floos lightening arc floor lamps. These lamps may cost more than the normal floor lamps, but due to their flexibility and beauty, these arc floor lamps are worth buying.

floor lamp arch photo - 2
floor lamp arch photo - 3
floor lamp arch photo - 4
floor lamp arch photo - 5
floor lamp arch photo - 6
floor lamp arch photo - 7

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