10 facts of Antique brass oil lamps

Antique brass oil lamps are one of the best developments ever. Beyond any doubt, it appears like a basic and primitive gadget, but it additionally was the principal supplier of something we as a whole need to have so we don’t keep running into dividers or excursion and break things we as a whole need, LIGHT.


Antique brass oil lamps originate before ancient times and have dependably been utilized as a wellspring of light. antique brass oil lamps today are principally utilized for elective crisis lighting and state of mind setters. Other individuals gather antique oil lamps.

The fuel

There are a few sorts of fuel that are utilized with antique brass oil lamps . You have olive oil that was the principle fuel in the Western countries; individuals additionally utilized concentrates like fish oil, nuts, plants, and oil. Egyptians were known to utilize castor oil and India was known to utilize sesame oil, shelled nut, or mustard.

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