What needs to be known about Universal waste lamps

Universal waste lamps must be recycled, in relation to state laws, on a period of maximum 1 year from their malfunctioning. However, it’s recommended to do so within next days of the accident.

Due to the dangerous components they contain they must be properly recycled at dedicated centers, and not just thrown away with regular trash. Breaking this rule can lead to fines and penalties, as well as endangering of the environment.

Which types of lamps are regarded as universal waste?

According to the law, lamps containing mercury and similar lighting equipment containing mercury are regarded as universal waste. Batteries are also regarded as universal waste, so they must be recycled according to state regulations.

Where can I recycle universal waste lamps?

There are more types of businesses and centres which handle this type of equipment. In case of their malfunctioning you can take them to small universal waste handlers and large universal waste handlers, which can be found in most cities and country-side locations.

In addition, there are transporters and destination facilities for universal waste equipment, which can prove to be useful in the process especially if you live in a remote location.

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