10 things you need to know before buying Threshold lamps

Low-energy, warm, neutral and cool white light hues are exhibited through threshold lamps. Shockingly, threshold lamps come across as a mere replica of pre-existing, successful smart lamps that have been on the market for years.

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The lamp consists of a towering, cylinder shaped body with a flat, rounded top and bottom. The majority of the threshold lamps are formed with a matte white plastic, although the foundation is made of a polished silver steel.

This steel foundation was likely incorporated to provide stability but it is also helpful in distracting the eyes from the unsightly power cord affixed to the back of the lamp. As far as present-day table lamps go, the form is unoriginal and lacks any distinct elements of style.

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Setup & Packaging

Setting up the threshold table Lamp is not a difficult process. Like many lamps, it is delivered in packaging that was crafted for the sole purpose of protecting the delicate plastic body of the lamp.

After it is removed from its packaging, the lamp can be powered on immediately after the standard plug enters an outlet.

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