10 Reasons Why You Need Tall lava lamps

Tall lava lamps, also referred to as salt lamps, possess numerous benefits guaranteed to improve your home. Here are four reasons why you should consider getting one of these lamps for every room in your house.

Reasons to buy

  • They reduce asthma and allergy symptoms.When tall lava lamps heat up their hygroscopic properties are enhanced and this enables them to absorb positively charged ions which are harmful to asthmatics.
  • They cleanse the air.A tall lava lamp contains salt which purifies the air by absorbing cigarette smoke, pollen, and dust particles.
  • They facilitate better sleep.Tall lava lamps absorb positively charged ions which are notorious for reducing the oxygen level in the blood. They enhance quality sleep by ensuring the body gets sufficient oxygen when at rest.


Tall lava lamps enhance mood and concentration.By improving the level of oxygen in the body through absorbing harmful ions they inadvertently improve circulation in the body which enhances concentration and alertness.

Good circulation also enables you to unwind and relax especially after a long day.

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