Adesso floor lamp – synonymously sculptural and quite practical ways to decor your home

If you are looking for a stylish, art-design and a cost effective décor lamp that adds a contemporary look to your office or living space, you can’t possibly go wrong with Adesso floor Lamps. They are synonymously sculptural and quite practical in equal measure, so as to create that dream ambience of your home.


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An Adesso floor lamp is a satin steel with a heavy round weighted base, which makes it quite stable and a lovely pleated fabric shade. The lap body rotates 360˚ with a line switch of 60 watt.

The center join to the shade measures 15, whilst the cord extends from where the lamp body meets its pole. Generally, the floor lamp adesso measures 27 depth, 11 weighted base, shade 5.75 height, 7 diameter. It is quite an easy task to put the item together.

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With a unique touch and style, meticulously engineered and very versatile, the adesso floor lampis designed with a nice heft and weight. The shade guarantees you a fairly large but really defined area of work light because of a massive light output from the giant dish.

It uses regular light bulbs and the lamp part can be moved as is necessary for better light.

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An adesso floor lamp design works with a range of styles. It is a functional lamp for reading and working. It almost makes you feel like your sight is enhanced. It is absolutely sleek and modern, and fairly cheaper compared to the rest of similar features and descriptions.

You can easily aim the beam at any direction to get indirect lighting if you have to. Adesso Floor Lamps have received quite some fantastic reviews for its exceptional design and functionality. There is a guarantee of quality reciprocal to the price and quite an additional value that it’s a décor beyond its primary role in a room as a lamp.

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