10 reasons to install Suspended ceiling fans

If you have a drop ceiling, its time to consider installing suspended ceiling fans. These gather the air around the fan in to a dome which is then directed to the floor below.

They are designed to fit in a standard acoustic ceiling and you can easily replace your tile ceiling with them. They come in various designs and look really great.

Features of suspended ceiling fans

  • They have a remote control which makes them so convenient.
  • Suspended ceiling fans have a vent so they evenly distribute the air across the room.
  • Their operation is energy efficient.
  • You can also opt to install PHI cell which is able to fight viruses, bacteria, mold and odors.<br><br>Benefits of using suspended ceiling fans.
  • They help cool the ceiling temperatures thus extending lighting life.
  • Increases comfort thermal comfort in summer and winter.


Suspended ceiling fans equalize the temperature in a building. They regulate the humidity in a room. You are able to adjust the speed of the fan and also the direction of the airflow.

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