Discovering how to get the most out of String lights

Did you know that string lights are one of the most versatile and readily available lights?


Well, string lights are available in different shapes and sizes and require very minimal technical know how to set them up in your home. Another great thing about the lights is that they are relatively cheap as compared to other decoration lights.

Depending on your budget, taste and preference, you can either go for standard string lights or the commercial string lights. The commercial string lights are of course of high quality and are made for businesses. The standard string lights on the other hand are actually more than enough if you’re looking to decorate your home.


Due to their versatile nature, string lights can actually be used in many areas in your home, talk of outdoor party string lights, string lights ceiling and the most popular one the Christmas string lights for your living room that is pretty much used by Christians everywhere around the globe.

Setting up a string lights ceiling is as easy as it could be. In doubt? Let, me take you through it.

string lights ceiling photo - 1


To set the string lights on your ceiling use an extension cord to create drapes on your ceiling. Make the drapes short for a neat look and if you want that romantic look, make the longer.

Use staples attach the drapes with your string lights on your ceiling. Turn on the lights and modify the pattern as much as you like.

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