Stone wall lights – a way of lighting up wall decors

Stone wall lights are challenging and effectual than you may think. This is because they can change your perception of your surface wall or even your entire house and they are not easy to apply.

However, there are some techniques you can use to achieve the visual effect you want on your wall and below are some of these methods.

Wall washing

It’s a way of lighting up wall decors and large walls with an even illumination distribution. The result of this approach is that it flattens out textured surfaces. That’s why is tactically used in covering up wall imperfections and lighting up individual artworks.


Like wall washing, grazing also aims in bringing an even lighting spread in your home’s walls. Illuminators that can perform a very well Grazing effect are the LED wall lights. Apart from being adequate lighting sources, LED’s are of low energy consumption.


Stone wall lights can provide various effects on your porches, garden and decks. Before you shop for one make sure you know the effect you want to have. Also, keeping in mind the above two techniques is a good starting.

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