Make your home beautiful with Spuds mackenzie lamp

Everyone wants to build up a beautiful home. When you start building a home you want to build up the best. The lights you use has a huge impact on the beauty of the house.

Using the right lights in according to the design of the house is mandatory. This enhances the appeal of the house. Bed side lamps are another way to augment the bed design.

One of the lamp that is very popular these days is spuds mackenzie lamp.


These lamps are in design of spuds Mackenzie which is a fictional dog character that was launched by Bud Light beer in late 1980s for advertising campaigns.

This was an overnight and a sudden hit for the beer company and since then many companies have tried to copy this success and use this fictional character in their works.

Even the lightening companies caught this idea, and started experimenting by using this shape for their lamps. This gave rise to spuds mackenzie lamps.

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Colors and sizes

Spuds mackenzie lamp is available in multiple colors and sizes, which opens the door for diversity. The home owner can choose the best color and size that perfectly complements the paint color of the room, the space available and the structure of the house.

These lamps are handy and portable. They can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes as well. Since its portable, its not difficult to carry for people who love adventure and camping, as it can be used in the tents at night. It increases the beauty of kid’s room as well, as it suites the vibes.

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