Restoration hardware lamps

Restoration Hardware lamps can be a comfortable lighting fixture for your residence. They can help you add brightness in whichever room you want. Plus, they also feature remarkable designs made from various materials including plastic and metal. These items are also available in various colors such as bronze, aged steel, vintage brass, and polished nickel.

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Tips for choosing the best Restoration Hardware lamp for your home

Note that every Restoration Hardware floor lamp is unique and this should be taken into consideration when making a pick. For instance, the light emitted by a classic console floor lamp may feel different from one that has a more contemporary finish. Some even have custom features such as straight, slim lines which distinguish their unique designs.

A floor lamp that looks good at your neighbor’s house may not necessarily work for you, simply because these fixtures are not just sources of lighting but design elements as well. Hence, they must be assessed for both style and performance before being placed inside the house. Other important considerations are:

  • adjustability
  • material
  • light source
  • efficiency, and
  • dimmers

Common types of floor lamps

Most people consider this item as the typical traditional floor lamp. It’s basically a tall pole that extends upwards from a base which is often round or geometric in shape. A shade delivers light coming down from just one bulb.

Arc Floor Lamps

They are a newer contemporary design of floor lamps that make use of modern materials and profiles such as custom shelves.

Torchiere Floor Lamps

These look more or less like console floor lamps from the base up to their light source. However, an inverted lampshade unit pushes up the light instead of towards the floor.

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Multiple Light-Source Floor Lamps

Unlike the others, here light comes from multiple sources that rely on a base and straight line for support. Moreover, the radiance comes from several arms that twist upwards and outwards, thus enabling you to direct it in multiple sides.

These are just a few of the points to think about when choosing Restoration Hardware floor lamps for your house. You can do more research online to learn more about this item.

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