Spray paint ceiling fan – Matching your Ceiling Fans to your rooms

A lovely home is defined by its welcoming ambience and beauty.Repainting your rooms gives your home more color and beauty but in the event of the presence of ceiling fans,it becomes an issue matching the ceiling fans to the color of the room.


However,fear not for you can now completely match the color of your ceiling fans to your room in very few steps by spray painting your ceiling fans. To spray paint your ceiling fans,you will have to unhinge the fan from the ceiling or more easily remove the blades from the fan’s motor.

You can remove the blades by unscrewing them using a cordless drill or a head screwdriver. Ensure the power is switched off before you unscrew the blades. Use sandpaper to even down the blades to remove dirt and any bumps.

Using a spray paint can of your preferred color,you can then carefully and evenly spray paint the blades. Dry the blades so that the paint might dry.


When the blades are dry,carefully reassemble the fan and enjoy the difference in the beauty the room acquires. Enjoy the advantages your ceiling fan accords to you without it interfering with the interior designs of your rooms.

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