10 things to consider before installing Solar ceiling fans

The solar ceiling fans are mechanical fans mounted on the roof and powered by the sun.The fans do not require a secondary power source as they are used during the day for cooling purposes.


When the sun strikes on the roof the roof surface heats up and thus attic heat builds up and this heat is transferred to the attic. The heat builds up through convectional means hence air expands as a result of the convectional heating and thus rising and flowing out through the attic ventilation and allowing in fresh air through the intake vents.

This normal exchange of fresh and hot air is inadequate and thus a solar ceiling fan is used to facilitate the expulsion the attic heat to ensure the attic space is not overheated.


  • Solar ceiling fans are friendly to the environment as they are don’t release any pollutants.
  • The running cost of solar ceiling fans is much low as they make use of the sun.

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